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About us

OOO South-Ural Scales Plant LLC is the largest manufacturer and supplier of electronic industrial scales, load cells, weighing terminals, weight indicators, reference weights, and automated weight recording systems. The plant successfully operates in the Russian scales market since 2003. We are a scales producer with a full manufacturing cycle. The range of our products includes rail scales, truck scales, platform scales, crane scales, conveyor scales, livestock scales, weighing batchers, and specialist scales: shock-proof scales, roller table scales (to weigh blooms, slabs, and plates), and scales with thermal protection for the metal industry.

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The main bulk of products manufactured by SUSP are truck scales. We produce more than 200 types of truck scales. The length of the weigh bridge varies from 6 to 25 meters and the load from 5 to 150 tons and even more, provided that a special weighing complex is built. Our truck scales are distinguished by the unique structure of the weigh bridge.

We were the first in Russia and the second in the world to manufacture scales featuring a robust orthotropic design with closed ribs. Moreover, the structure of the weigh bridge allows the user to fold and unfold the scales as a book or as pontoon crossing modules. The surface of our standard scales is a solid single piece and not a double-track ramp. Manual welding operations are excluded at SUSP. All structures are made only in robotized welding lines. We have various simplified versions of truck scales for low cost projects.

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SUSP is a manufacturer of load cells and weight indicators. So far, we have reached the production capacity of up to 2000 load cells and about 100 weight indicators per month. All our scales are equipped exclusively with our own components. Nevertheless we can integrate scales at the customer’s request using internal parts from foreign producers. The SUSP load cells are manufactured in two versions: standard (–30+40 “Standard”) and premium (–50+50 “Arctic” and “Premium”).

Railway car scales are represented by several models at once. The SUSP rail scales are distinguished by their strength, reliability, and accuracy. Along with static rail scales we also manufacture dynamic rail scales (weighing in motion). You can also buy from us rail statnamic scales. These are universal rail scales.

SUSP has a new advanced casting and metallurgical unit. We have assimilated the lost foam casting (LFC) process. This is an advanced technology, where foam plastic is replaced with iron instead of traditional sand casting. The unit manufactures up to 50 tons of reference weights per month.

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SUSP-Service is a company incorporated in the SUSP structure. It performs all installation and commissioning works.

SUSP-Service performs a complete range of works and services:

  • Development of solutions for manufacture of customer-tailed industrial electronic scales and their components
  • A full package of weighing equipment installation and commissioning works
  • Reconstruction and upgrading of obsolete mechanical scales and weighing batches
  • Delivery of software for feedstock and product recording in the production processes
  • Warranty and post-warranty servicing of weighing equipment
  • Lease of a scale test truck and reference weights for verification purposes
  • Metrology: verification, adjustment, and calibration
  • Maintenance and scheduled preventive repair of scales before verification, participation in verification
  • Engineering services in the field of weighing and automation systems, including “turn-key” installation and setup

During 15 years of successful operation in the market the South-Ural Scales Plant has gained a reputation of a reliable partner actively cooperating with enterprises in different   industrial sectors. 
OOO South-Ural Scales Plant LLC as of today is a successfully functioning company providing the full production cycle: from design development and manufacture of the required weighing equipment to commissioning works with subsequent servicing. We invite you for a fruitful and mutually profitable cooperation aimed at a comprehensive solution of issues related to material and product recording in your company. We will help you to save and increase your capital!