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"South Ural Weighing Plant" has been working since 2003, when instrumentation and automation specialists from metallurgical enterprises received the first order for a project to modernize mechanical scales in modern electronic equipment based on strain gages. In a year the staff was about twenty people. Specific activities required the involvement of qualified specialists for metalworking, manufacturing of weight structures and assemblies. Thus, the idea to create a permanent production base arose. The former workshops of the Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant were chosen as the area for the enterprise, located near the town in the picturesque village of Tirlian. After the a number of industries in the village were closed, some specialists became unemployed, and the best of them started to work at the new weight plant. The young team was interested in providing jobs in the village of Tirlian and the conditions for rapid development. Since 2006, the company has been regionally-, Russian-, and internationally-known. It means the expanding of production, new jobs, what is of great social importance in the Russian provinces.

 Two sables on the logo of the "South Ural Weigh Plant" symbolize  the best traditions of the Ural factories of Demidov, Tverdyshev, Myasnikov, the production during the Great Patriotic War, as well as the best Tirlian rolled metal products which has a sable on its stamp. The staff of the "South Ural Weight Plant", is more than one hundred and twenty people nowadays. They  follow and develop the traditions of the Ural masters.

We produce not only standard industrial weighing equipment - automobile, railway, platform and other types of scales, but also we offer  specialized scales for metallurgists, miners, gas workers and oil industry workers. In 2008, new models of scales were tested, certified and are  in high demand - shock-proof, digital scales, scales with a platform lifting mechanism, scales built in the crane runway, scales of railway lining type.

At the end of 2009 a new production site was opened in Beloretsk. As a result the number of orders, the production and office areas have been significantly expanded, and the number of employees has increased accordingly. In the nearest future  new prospects and success are expected! "South Ural Weight Plant" is a new and the best Russian production!