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Modernization of scales.

At many enterprises weighing of motor transport, carriages, various products is made on mechanical scales. These scales produced by weight plants in the USSR were reliable equipment. Nowadays there are new requirements for control of production. The wearout of mechanical scales is already very high, and the costs of maintaining of them are increasing every year. As the new scales are expensive and their installation will require additional expenses, the managers of enterprises continue to use old mechanical scales, and weighing records are kept in barn books, and all documents are written out manually.

003Our factory proposes to modernize the mechanical scales with minimum costs and time and get modern, accurate, electronic scales with keeping records on a personal computer. The received scales according to GOST OIML R-76-1-2011 and registered in the State Register of measuring instruments can be used for commercial accounting in the field of state regulation of ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Modernization of mechanical scales consists of  replacement of lever mechanisms by electronic system: weight controller and strain gages. To determine the possibility of modernization and the volume of necessary work, a survey of the state of the load-receiving platform and the foundation of the scales will be required. Our specialists can conduct a survey as soon as possible. It is also possible to install a weighing automation system on the upgraded scales.

Our factory makes modernization of any mechanical scales: truck, carriage, etc.

As a result, you get the following benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Maintenance of electronic weighing records with the possibility of transfer to IC.
  • Absence of unnecessary work with papers.

The cost of modernization is calculated from the complexity of the work performed and the price of the components used.

The process of modernization of mechanical scales includes the following stages:

  • Inspection of the condition and suitability of mechanical scaless for modernization.
  • Creating of technical task.
  • Supply of necessary equipment
  • Dismantling of the lever system and installation of strain gages.
  • Commissioning of installed equipment, calibration and testing.

 All the above works can be performed by our specialists. Part of the works the owner of the scales can perform on his own. After the modernization of mechanical scales, testing can be done by specialists of the regional centers for standardization and metrology.



Standard equipment includes:
  • Set of power receiving devices
  • Set of limiters from longitudinal and transverse displacements;
  • Set of strain gages with insertion points;
  • Weighing transducer;
  • Cabling;
  • Balancing box;
  • Manual. Passport.
Additional equipment:
  • Weight platform guard;
  • Digital weighing system;
  • Remote redundant display;
  • Extended operating temperature range;
  • Advanced software;
  • Automation system of weighing process;
  • Extended warranty.