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South-Ural Weighing Plant repairs truck, carriage, platform scales of any third-party manufacturers.

The work of the weighing equipment is associated with constant mechanical loads. Active use sooner or later leads to wearout of parts and components of the device, which can cause a failure. Also, defects in the weight equipment of the majority of manufacturers can be caused by defects, prolonged exploitation without timely maintenance by specialists, violation of operating conditions.

Before repair:


After repair:

 Our company provides an individual and qualitative approach to solve problems associated with the repair of weighing equipment, regardless of brands and manufacturer. Spare parts are always available in the warehouse of the company, which allows you to repair the scales in the shortest time.

South-Ural Weighing Plant produces both warranty and post-warranty repair of electronic scales. Qualification of our specialists allows us to do this at a high professional level and in a short time.

 Our specialists are ready to pre-test and conduct state audit. The equipment of the technical department of the enterprise allows carrying out repair work of any complexity at a high quality level.

Repair of weighing equipment is held in several stages:

  • Departure of a specialist for inspection and diagnosis of equipment;
  • Compilation of an act of malfunctioning scales;
  • Repair of scales;
  • Scales testing in the State Standard (if necessary).

 The repair includes the following list of works:

  • terminal, balancing box, etc., elimination of mechanical damages;
  • disassembly of the product, replacement or repair of necessary components, assembly of the product and its testing;
  1. Cleaning of electronic components and mechanical devices;
  2. Replacement of failed components (strain gauges)
  3. Restoration of the operational characteristics of the scales
  4. Manufacturing and replacement of load-receiving platforms.
  5. Presentation of scales to the representative of the State Standard for testing.

 At the end of the work, a warranty is provided for the repairs performed, and recommendations for a longer life of the scales (truck, carriage, platform, etc.)

Repair work is carried out both on the customer's area,  and on the territory of the enterprise.

The cost of repairing the scales and the term of its implementation, are announced to the client immediately after a preliminary diagnostic inspection.

 Call us on the phone, you can agree on a convenient date and time for you to receive a commissioning engineer.

 Warranty for repaired scales is 1 - 3 years.