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Modern weighing equipment is quite a complex device, requiring constant monitoring and service. These measures will increase the life of the scales and prevent a sudden breaking down.

 South Ural Weighing Plant offers a full range of service maintenance, repair and testing of the working capacity of weighing equipment (truck, carriage, platform, etc. scales).

Qualified specialists of our company are always ready to solve your questions related to operation and maintenance of scales.

Technical and service maintenance is intended for:

  • preventing failures in work,
  • conformity with metrological and technical characteristics during operation.

 Service maintenance of your equipment by specialists of our company  will ensure its  operation, which will exclude downtime due to any breakage.

The great number of employees of the service department of our factory react to all customer requests quickly and efficiently. Warranty, post-warranty and scheduled maintenance of truck, ptalfrome, carriage, etc. scales are carried out quickly and qualitatively.

GOST 12.3.019-80 (Occupational Safety Standards System, Electrical Tests and Measures, General Safety Requirements) and "Safety Regulations for Electrical Installation and Commissioning" are respected.

The list of maintenance services includes:

  • External inspection (check for external damage, check power supply and grounding, no damage to connecting cables, absence of traces of corrosion, correct adjustment of longitudinal and lateral bumpers, etc.);
  • Check the operating conditions;
  • Check the installation of the scale by level;
  • Updating and installing software;
  • Testing of metrological characteristics of operational documentation;
  • Putting into the state testing;
  • Calibration.

To make the contract we offer the following services and privileges:

  • Reliable operation of weighing equipment. Monthly preventive testing, cleaning, adjustment and scheduled repair of scales;
  • Minimize downtime of weighing equipment.
  • Transportation of weighing equipment from the place of operation to the place of performance of repair work and back is carried out by the forces and at the expense of the service center;
  • In case of replacement of broken parts, our service center will do it at its own expense;
  • If it is necessary to adjust and repair the scales associated with the removal of the seal, our service center will do it at its own expense;
  • To make the contract for service you receive significant discounts for the purchase of new weighing equipment.